Martin Integrated has been one of the top specialty ceiling contractors in Southern California since 1989. Our CEO, superintendent and esitmators collectively have more than 100 years of experience in the commercial construction industry. We are dedicated to providing quality products installed with high-end craftsmanship, on budget and on time.

Our work is recognized throughout the California construction industry as the benchmark for custom commercial ceilings. Martin Integrated earned this respect by fostering a company culture in which all team members, whether they are promising young apprentices or master craftsmen, believe that we only put our name on the highest quality work.

We continue this tradition of excellence by seeking out ever more demanding and challenging projects. No project is too big for Martin Integrated, which is why architects, developers and general contractors come to us for quality and innovation when the job must be done on budget, on time.

Marty has more than 35 years of commercial construction experience. In 1989, he founded Martin Integrated Systems with a simple goal in mind; to be the best specialty ceiling installation company in Southern California.

Marty forges the business relationships with builders and architects that provide the foundation for all of Martin Integrated's projects. He personally cultivates relationships with long-time and new clients, securing contracts with California's leading builders.

Wayne has worked in the construction industry for 25 years and he has spent 15 of those years with Martin Integrated. Prior to becoming superintendent, Wayne was a valuable foreman, managing jobs in the field.

As superintendent, Wayne oversees all jobsite operations, big and small. He is responsible for selecting, assigning and supervising field employees, as well as monitoring and evaluating apprentice training. Wayne ensures the quality and timeliness of our work, and coordinates field activities with general contractors.

Jake has more than 15 years experience in commercial construction. He is our lead estimator, but also is responsible for managing office operations, pricing and purchasing materials, as well as coordinating jobsite deliveries. Jake coordinates with our Superintendent, foremen and general contractors, providing solutions for jobsite issues.


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Martin Wireless Interstitial Suspension System ("MWISS")U.S. Patent Nos. 9,127,455; 9,249,592

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